Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Many of you already know that one of my second jobs is as a model for art classes. I usually only pose for shorter periods of time, anywhere from a minute to a little over an hour. While it doesn't pay terribly well, I really enjoy it. It's relaxing to sit quietly for a while, and I like seeing how people perceive and translate things to paper. Sometimes you can kind of tell how they see things by the elements (light, shape, weight) they notice and record. It's special.

Moving on. This pose was four class periods long, which means my Wednesday evenings for four weeks were all booked up. While I got regular breaks, each class was 2.5hrs long. It's easiest to hold a pose if you sit straight up- if you're leaning on an elbow or slouched, it WILL get uncomfortable. Thus, 10hrs of sitting up straight/4wks. This class was made up of mostly first time painters, with a few seasoned pros sprinkled in. Without further ado, a 'round-the-room tour of my face, as perceived by the artists:









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