Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowmageddon, of course.

Photos from the snowstorm!


We went out around 10 at night to ride the streets the night of the storm- it was wicked! Very cold, and the driving snow stung any exposed skin. At one point I had to take off my foggy glasses, and even closing my eyes against the wind didn't help. My eyelids felt like they were getting pelted with sand. Ice built up on my eyelashes throughout the ride, too.

photo by Cale




The next day was beautiful, so we explored during lunch.


We had a small leak in our apartment... surprise! We found the culprit.


Wish I could have tunneled in here :) No parents to shoo me out, either! Has any kid ever actually died in a collapsed snow fort?


The Good Bike

The Good Bike is nearly done. I put on some frame graphics today... I think I'm going to put some decals on the wheels and switch out the fork to a Circus still.


I didn't like the plastic pedals, but I loved the color, so Cale and I shaved off the lame plastic 'pins', drilled out some holes and screwed in some Real Pins from some Answer pedals. Much better.


Tell me you don't love the lilac and green scheme. Look in the wolf's eyes and tell it that. You can't.


This camera's the worst, so just see it in person at Ray's.