Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm in Italy. It's pretty, but quite chilly. That's about all I've got for an update right now.
Luckily both of my flights were delayed yesterday, and my luggage made it to Italy with me. Other than that, travel was uneventful. Feeling good and not too jet lagged this morning. I ate dinner across from Mark Weir last night. (If he ever sees this, I'll be embarassed.)

Mountain biking and some sort of race that sounds a lot like a good old 12 hr in Wisconsin today. More on that later, hopefully!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Here We Go

This broad is going abroad again for work. This time to Europe. I figured I'd write out a run-down of this trip to let people know what I'll be doing over there, and how I keep getting so lucky. I'll write it out in Compliment/Answer form.

C: Wow Katy, you sure to get to travel a lot. You must be really important.
A: You knows it. However, this might be the last of the overseas travel for the year. The trip to Taiwan and China was to check on the decals for our bikes being produced. Now we're gearing up to design some fresh new bikes for next year, and I'm going to Italy and France to learn more about what people want their bikes to look like over there, since I have tricked my company into putting me in charge of the 2015 mountain bikes. Once I get back, the creative shackles go on and it's time to stay at work and crank out some awesome ideas.

C: Wow. Just wow. So jelly. So what exactly are you doing while you're in Europe?
A: Where to start... there's so much bragging to be done here. For the first few days, I'll be interviewing our succulent talented pro mountain bike team and riding with them in Finale Ligure, which happens to be part of the Italian Riviera. (When I Googled Finale Ligure, all I could do was bark out a HAH.) I'll ask them what's hot right now at the pro level, to get a even better picture of the different types of racing I'm designing bikes for. Next, a few coworkers and I will drive to Lyon, France, where we'll go on a series of shop visits, to learn more about the European customer. Again, it's my job to figure out what people want, then make it better and something amazing nobody's ever seen before. (Ha ha. That's the goal, anyway.)

C: I think I read on a celebrity blog that you'll be vacationing in Paris after you're done working?
A: Well, now that the press knows, I'll probably be battling paparazzi the whole time, but I'll try to enjoy myself. I've been on a kick to Carpe Diem the stuffing out of opportunities, and this was one such opportunity. Since I'm over there and plane tickets are paid for, I'm going to take a few days of vacation on the end of the work trip. Work responsibilities and corporate funding will cease and I'll spend one extra day in Lyon before heading to Paris for two full days.

C: Oh my gosh. You're so interesting and brave.
A: I try. This is my first solo vacation, and I have to be honest... it's a little intimidating. I've never thought of myself as this type of person at all; someone who travels abroad for her job, someone who tacks on a few days to take in the sights in a foreign city. I don't really know how to be that person yet, but I'll go and figure it out one way or another, and probably make it back with all my limbs, assuming I don't get Brokedown Palace'd, Hostel'd or Taken. Don't worry parents and relatives, I promise to trust no one, and my terrible French should ensure that I don't talk to many strangers.

C: When can we expect to see your shining face again? Will you write to us?
A: I'll be gone from Monday, Feb 25th through Sunday, March 10th. Same as the Asia trip, I'll try to blog regularly and put updates on Facebook for friends, family and fans ;) I might fall out of touch during the last four days of the trip, because I plan on having my coworker take my laptop and most of my luggage back to the US with him, so I don't have to worry about keeping track of everything when I'm on my own in France.

C: !!!
A: Try to hang in there. I'm sure I'll catch up on vacation blogging when I get back to the US.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let me tell you...

Let me tell you a little story about this cat.

Photo on 1-28-13 at 11.18 PM

It needs a little background first. I live in a second story apartment of a house. Not one two or three but FOUR college guys live below me. In the backyard there's a small attached kind-of mother-in-law's apartment. (This place sounds like a nuthouse typed out like this.) Whenever I see my downstairs neighbors, they tend to have something to report on Snips. Word on the streets is that once the weather started getting colder, Snips would just saunter into their apartments and hang out for a while. The neighbor in the small apartment, J, even got in the habit of letting Snips out of his house when I got home, so the cat could pretend to be coming back from a day of vigorous exercise outdoors. I've never asked, but these days I assume they've purchased cat food and who knows, maybe even treats and toys for this little leech.

That's been going on for a while, but the latest was quite funny. J works at the hospital, and he chose his apartment largely because it's so close to work. Well, a lot of his coworkers live around here, too. I have no idea how the conversation came about, but he was talking to a woman at work and she started to describe a charming black and white cat that likes to stop by her house sometimes... yep. I don't know just how many people Snips is rotating though, but he seems to have a few families around here that he stops by to visit.

I don't know what to tell you. He's an opportunistic cat. I'm just glad he deigns to live with me on a full-time basis.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Skating on Thick Ice

Last week before the big snow, some coworkers and I went out on the pond just below Cannondale for some ice skating. In this photo, you can see the building in the background.


Jeremy got some footage of Andy and I skating. The only excuse I've got is that I haven't skated for a while. A long while. There's no spectacular action in the videos, but I like having a little video record of ye olde winter activities.

Here Andy tries to frighten me, but I am one cool customer.

There were three of us skating, and two guys just along for the walk, and to explore the lake a little. We found a boat filled up with ice. Not ideal for skating, but good for posing for pictures. Heath's pretenting to row.


Here's Heath pretending to be an otter or penguin or something, sliding across the ice.


And then there's Jimmy, pretending to be cool. Keep practicing, son!





All in all, I'd recommend that everyone sneak out of work for an hour or so and skate on a conveniently located pond ASAP.