Thursday, August 29, 2013

Still Kicking

Hey All!

Due to being crazy busy, and having accidentally washed my camera with my sheets, there haven't been many blog posts lately. But now Eurobike prep is over and my replacement camera is in the mail... ah, and I'm on vacation as of today. I should have some nice, somewhat interesting stuff to post about pretty soon.

While you wait, here's a photo of a ladies' ride I did this past weekend. I haven't been out on the mountain bike for months (which is an actual crime in some circles) and it was so good to get out again.

Huntington Ladies' Ride

The chick who set the ride up, Lindsay, is new to mountain biking and promised she would be the slowest one on the ride. I showed her who's boss and held us up the most, though, going back through sections two, three and sometimes four times, trying to get back up to speed with technical skills. The other ladies got some extra practice in, too. What's more, Lindsay was totally not slow. She's been practicing and it shows. She doesn't ride like a beginner!

Anyway, I've got to catch my last flight to Durango, CO, where I will enjoy being on vacation and far, far away from Connecticut. (Sorry, CT, you just suck.)