Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Round the House

Ikea said that this bed took two people to assemble. GAME ON. I put it together in a few hours with the help of some pillows to support things the second person would have held. No more sleeping on a mattress on the floor for me! It wasn't that bad, but I do really like having a bed again.

Assembled Bed

Made Bed

See how skinny this cat is now? He's dropped about three or four pounds since becoming an outdoor cat.

Slender Snips

The vet said he could still stand to lose a few ounces but I said to him, I said, "Don't you listen to her".


Who would want this cat to change? In other news, he's taken to this chair so much that my roommate (who's only going to be living here for two months, as an in-between place) offered to leave it here when he moves out.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day MTB

I went a on a mountain bike ride, and it went something like this:
South Mills River > Squirrel Gap > Laurel Creek > Bradley Creek

Then part of the group went and did the Pilot somethingoranother loop, but I went back to the cars with a couple of people because I was a big crankypants that day. I had taken a spill at a pretty high speed (for me) on a long, flat, sliiiightly off-camber rock on South Mills River that is apparently notorious for sliding front wheels out from under riders. Would that I had known. I was also on a demo bike that I didn't particularly like, in part because the knobbies on the (Specialized Renegade) tires were infinitely frustrating in their wimpiness, and also in part because the fork had 'burped' and let some air out of the negative air chamber, leaving me with a lot less travel. It was no good, my friends.

You know what they say, though. A bad day on the bike is still better than a blah blah blah.

Bradley Creek Crossing

Bradley Creek Crossing

Bradley Creek Crossing

I did see my first rattlesnake ever on my pouty ride back to the car!



Distain for the bike aside, it was a decent day. I didn't get hurt too badly, and I got to ride and hang out with some new people. I definitely reached my monthly quota of creek crossings on the Bradley Creek trail! We started counting a few crossings in, so we weren't sure how many exactly that there are, but it's somewhere around seven or maybe even nine. Craziness.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Citizen Snips: LapCat+

Let me tell you about this cat, here. This cat believes he is a lap cat, when in fact he's a lap cat and a half. There's not a stable lap : cat ratio.



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