Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Round the House

Ikea said that this bed took two people to assemble. GAME ON. I put it together in a few hours with the help of some pillows to support things the second person would have held. No more sleeping on a mattress on the floor for me! It wasn't that bad, but I do really like having a bed again.

Assembled Bed

Made Bed

See how skinny this cat is now? He's dropped about three or four pounds since becoming an outdoor cat.

Slender Snips

The vet said he could still stand to lose a few ounces but I said to him, I said, "Don't you listen to her".


Who would want this cat to change? In other news, he's taken to this chair so much that my roommate (who's only going to be living here for two months, as an in-between place) offered to leave it here when he moves out.

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