Thursday, February 14, 2013

Skating on Thick Ice

Last week before the big snow, some coworkers and I went out on the pond just below Cannondale for some ice skating. In this photo, you can see the building in the background.


Jeremy got some footage of Andy and I skating. The only excuse I've got is that I haven't skated for a while. A long while. There's no spectacular action in the videos, but I like having a little video record of ye olde winter activities.

Here Andy tries to frighten me, but I am one cool customer.

There were three of us skating, and two guys just along for the walk, and to explore the lake a little. We found a boat filled up with ice. Not ideal for skating, but good for posing for pictures. Heath's pretenting to row.


Here's Heath pretending to be an otter or penguin or something, sliding across the ice.


And then there's Jimmy, pretending to be cool. Keep practicing, son!





All in all, I'd recommend that everyone sneak out of work for an hour or so and skate on a conveniently located pond ASAP.

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