Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Pt 1

or, Why You Should Never Love a Car

Cars will never love you back. They will ignore your love and hurt you, seemingly on purpose. Maliciously. I learned that with the Ranger. Shortly after over a thousand dollars worth of repairs, it broke down on the way up to Ore to Shore a few years ago.

Enter the 2006 Subaru Impreza with reasonable mileage, and words like reliable and dependable. This was supposed to be my adult car, one that worked and looked current and was able to provide heat from the vents in the winter.


Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day Fun

Approximately 15min after leaving work to start my Memorial Day weekend, I noticed some things scattering across the road behind me. And then I noticed that the brakes weren't working like they were supposed to... I stopped just in time behind some traffic and pulled over. The cool part of this story? I had had it in to get the brakes done (new rotors and brake pads) a few weeks ago. I called the shop and primly demanded a tow: "I had my brakes done at your shop and they just stopped working and I would like a tow, please."

When I got to the shop, I was told the caliper 'blew up' and that this was not their fault, and that I would have to buy a new caliper, but that they would put the new caliper in for no cost of labor. Fishy. I'll have to duke it out with them tomorrow when I pick up the nefarious hunk of crap that is my car.

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