Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beach Time

This past Sunday, I slept in because I honestly didn't think it would be worth getting up- I thought it was supposed to rain all weekend. I stumbled out-of-doors around 10:30 to gorgeous weather and blinding sun. What?! I made plans for a ride in the afternoon and then hightailed it to the beach. These days, living in Walkers Point, I suppose the downtown beach is quicker to get to, but habit took me to the beach in Bayview. I stopped at Groppi's on the way there for a snack, and then hit the sand for some reading.

Lake Michigan, Milwaukee

I much prefer Bayview to downtown- it's a little rougher as groomed beaches go, but most of the people are out riding their bikes, running, or letting their dogs play in the water. It's a good crowd.

Speaking of bikes, look at this smug jerk.

Lake Michigan, Milwaukee

Ladies, if you ever get tired of being catcalled while out for a ride, just switch your bike out for a Civia Loring. Be sure to get a front rack, and don't forget the bamboo fenders. While on or even within 10' of your bike, the only rack people will be ogling is the aluminum and bamboo one with a special holster for your U lock (oh yes). Just be careful what you wish for. After a while, you might find yourself getting jealous of all the compliments and attention your bike receives.

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