Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monster Mash

'Monster Mash' will always remind me of going to the local skating rink when I was a kid. Anyway, I'm working on a few longer bike-related blog posts and meanwhile, a bunch of random stuff somewhat of note is happening.

My violet is going cra-zay. (Ok, that's arguably not even somewhat of note.)


I decided to put up a screen of sorts on my windows, but I still wanted the cat to be able to stalk birds. It's a little sparse as-is, so I might stick another pattern on the outside side of the window. We'll see.



I sold some smuttons this week, so I decided to design some pins to throw in with the order. I've been thinking about business cards lately, and this seemed like the perfect medium for a company (a The Vinyl Countdown subsidiary) that makes buttons. If you have to ask... just think about what the word 'smutton' implies and think long and hard *AHEM* about whether or not you'd want to hear the description.


I recently visited a thrift store and came across a clump of sassy empowered woman books. Looks like someone's got a new man in her life. Won't be needing you anymore, What to do Until Love Finds You.

Break Up

Have you ever wished you could combine the magical properties of a unicorn horn with a pair of shoes? These heels have got you covered.

Unicorn Heels

Unimpressed Mattress remains unimpressed.

Unimpressed Mattress

I helped this little guy, Alden, with a word find. I taught him what Dad taught me- if there's an uncommon letter in the word you're looking for (like 'Y') look for that letter. It's quick. It was working well, but then Alden got a hold of a cupcake and started running up and down a set of stairs to work off his sugar high. So long, word find.

Alden and Robb

The view from my alley toward the end of the day.

2nd Street, Milwaukee

And just as the days end, so does this post.

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