Thursday, May 5, 2011

ACT Air decal

In an review for Manitou's Circus Expert, I noticed a pretty neat photo of my set-up sticker on the back of the fork leg. Photo by VitalMTB, with accompanying article.

Manitou ACT Air

I take time to make all of my decals look as cool as I can, even if they're tiny and iconsequential. Pride.

Design note: That font was great, because its height and narrowness allowed me to keep the letters large, and I think it looks just interesting enough. However, it was a hassle. Terrible kerning, and dashes (these guys: - ) that were on a really low x-height. After everything was typed out, I had a lot of tweaking to do. If you, too, would like to wrestle with a font, by all means download Tall Dark and Handsome.


D A N O said...

I have no idea what the heck you are even talking about...

Snacks said...

It takes a special, nerdy type.