Monday, April 29, 2013

Mountain Biking in Italy

They call me Katy 'The Fridge' Steudel.

Stubby 'Lil Arms

My arms look about a foot and a half long in this picture :) I hadn't planned on riding while on vacation, but the opportunity arose. Brakes were switched around, American style, and men's cycling clothing was borrowed. We rode to a couple of beaches - one famous and one private - on a few different trails, one of which had been in an enduro race a few years ago. It was fun stuff. I don't have any photos of the riding because I didn't take a camera along. Ah well, I would have taken crummy photos anyway! Matt said it was typical of the riding in the area. There were a few short sections of goat paths, a few good climbs and of course, some downhills. Lots of large loose rocks on a few of the descents. It was nice to check it out, and I'd definitely ride it again. But then, it's entirely possible that I never will. That would bum me out, except I suppose I have lots of other new riding to look forward to these days, on the East coast as well as (fingers crossed) abroad.


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