Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bronze Age Lake

One day during the Italian vacation while Matt and I were out driving around from one place or the other to who-knows, we stopped by a lake to have a look. Apparently there used to be a Bronze Age town/city on the shores way back when. I can't remember the name of the lake in order to look it up and shove a sloppy history lesson down your throats, but believe me; if I could I would.

We tried walking around to the lake and wound up walking further away from it, but it wasn't such a terrible thing. The weather was gorgeous and the surroundings weren't so bad, either.


On our second attempt we hit it right. I decided to have a swim, even though the water was relatively frigid. The lake was such a beautiful color, and the weeds along the bank gave way abruptly (and inexplicably, for someone used to seaweed galore) to a perfect sand bottom. Right off the dock the water was over my head.



The water was too cold for Matt, who opted to cower on the dock instead.


After swimming around for a while and wondering at what Bronze Age items might have been lost and forgotten down in the sand (treasures!) I hopped out to dry out and warm up for a while before we left.

A parting shot of the lake. Goodbye, you lovely thing!


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