Saturday, May 18, 2013

Living Through the Lens

It's a new and amazing feeling to look though these photos and articles by Matt Wragg on about the Enduro World Series and recognize the surroundings from my vacation last month.

Enduro World Series Build-up
I stayed in the campground the riders are staying in. In one of the cottages just like the one pictured. I was there on those beaches, and I presume I rode one or two of those trails (it's harder for me to recognize those sorts of things). I know that parking lot, I know of the charcoal burning spots in the woods, and I recognize the restaurant some of the riders are hanging out in front of. I was even able to recognize Ben Cruz's perma-pervy smile from the time I spent in Finale Ligure during the team camp. It all feels pretty damn awesome.

Enduro World Series Prologue
And this! I walked up and down these streets and can recognize the view. It would have been amazing to be there, seeing the streets I lazily toured filled with fans and racers. I'll just have to use my memory and the photographer's lens. It's a strange feeling in that I've never read race articles and wanted to be there in this way. It almost feels like there's a race on my home turf and I'm not there to see it.

Alas that I live here in reality and not in Punta Ala.

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