Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cross Bike / Road Bike / Commuter

I used my ol' Chili Con Crosso for exactly two cross races this past year, and have logged a few months' commuting miles on it. As the weather finally warms up, I figured I'd better switch out the file treads for some road tires so I have one less excuse not to go on road rides. I wasn't too excited about it until I ran across a set of white striped tires at work. The bike's got a green, white and gold theme. The wheels and the brakes match up perfectly, and there are bits of white on the Rival grouppo.

Cross Bike with Road Tires

Bling bling!

Yesterday I went on a work ride we did in honor of Paris-Roubaix. We rode a bunch of pavement and, of course, a handful of gravel roads, which are surprisingly plentiful around here. I wasn't aware of the ride until about half an hour beforehand, so I went on the company ride with my Salsa cross bike with road tires, while wearing my commuting gear, which happened to be pretty mountain bike-y. (Baggy shorts over bib knickers, a freeride top and a helmet with a visor on it.) Surprisingly, they let me come out to play, anyway. I'm there in the patterned blue top on the right.


Anyway, I figured I should do some sort of update. Things have been pretty busy these days, and they won't let up for a while. I decided to go back to Italy on vacation, and I leave in about a week, for about a week. I'll be flying into Rome, and on the way back to the US I'll have a long layover in Istanbul. I should be able to explore for the good part of a day before working my way back to the airport for my flight. This means there probably won't be much posting, so just hang in there, folks.

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