Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Stanwich Ride

This morning I drove down to Cos Cob (near Greenwich) to go for a road ride Darren, who I met last fall at a cross race. I accidentally said hi to him and a teammate, thinking I knew they were someone else. Whoops. But all's excellent that ends excellent. He put together a roughly 30 mile ride, which started off a bit chilly in the morning but warmed up nicely. We ran into this road, Stanwich, a lot on the way back. I was pleased at its recurrence. As street names go, it's pretty awesome.

Darren and Stanwich

I wore my hi-viz windbreaker today and these shrubs wanted to tango for Brightest Color. There were no losers.


Here, let that sear your eyes some more.


We went as far north as Pound Ridge, NY, had a snack, and then if I'm not mistaken we headed back toward Cos Cob.

Pound Ridge, NY

Darren, Pound Ridge, NY

This takes a backseat to Stanwich Rd, but it's still pretty good. (Dingletown Church)

Dingletown Church

On the way back through town, we stopped for brunch at the Cos Cobbler, which was delicious. I had a mimosa as well, and it was a nice way to cap off a ride, sipping from a champagne glass and getting slightly burned in the sun on the patio. Oh, springtime. You are so good to me.

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