Monday, April 29, 2013

RACC shirt for the Tour De L'Albitibi

This is such a simple design, all told, and in a few weeks I'll probably look back and wince at it, but for today I'm pretty happy with it.

RACC Shirt

A friend from Wisconsin, Jim, asked me to do a t-shirt design for the Racers Against Childhood Cancer (RACC) Junior team, who are going to the Tour De L'Albitibi this summer. It conflicted a little with my work for the Racers For Childhood Cancer team, but you know, I never much liked those guys.

Jim wanted the tour name and dates, and RACC on there, along with the US and Canadian flag, to represent the kids going to Canada for the race.  We won't call this the final, though, since it hasn't been sent off to print yet, and I probably won't be able making a few more tiny tweaks. For the moment, though, this is the latest.

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