Thursday, July 28, 2011

Art, Art, and Ice Cream

That about sums up my weekend. Before I get going on that, a shameless plug:

My family's having an art show. You should come if you like multiple generations of art.

The opening night of the show is August 19th, at the Plymouth Arts Center. Having just looked it up, I can tell you it's 1 hour and 2 minutes from downtown Milwaukee... I won't hold any of you to it!

Here's the logo I designed for it. It's kind of nice to work on a design that doesn't have to fit on a very specifically shaped bike part. Skinny wheel decals, I'm looking at YOU.

Steudel Show Logo

The plan is for everyone in the family to bring their best, and also for all of us to paint the same pig in roughly the same size, to display together. I suspect most of my aunts will be using pastel, so I dug out the gouache for mine. Gouache, more like gauche! (That means 'tacky' or tasteless in French, if I remember correctly) If you've never come across is, gouache is like a chalky water color paint that dries quickly to a shade that is significantly lighter than what it was wet. Not real popular for a reason.

But I figured I'd try it. It didn't turn out too badly, either. The colors are hard to capture with my camera- the iPhone camera made everything more saturated, and it seems my regular ol' digital camera isn't picking up the blues very well. The colors aren't playing nicely. I don't have an excuse for the background, though :) I'm still (over)working on that.


In related news, much of my birthday weekend was spent on the cement floor, fooling around with finicky paints. Every once in a while the cat reminded me he needed to eat. He's good at the whole silent presence thing.


But fear not. I left the apartment. I attended gallery night, helped a friend move, and put on a funky dress/necklace combo and went out for pizza and ice cream.


PRO tip: Galleries get hot as heck. The doors are always open and there are tons of people. Wear a tank top.

I stopped by my old design professor's studio. He paints in his free time- mostly oils of the northwoods.


He recently had the lighting redone in the window of his studio. It looks fabulous.


Sunday moving crew in front of Kris' new house:


Makin' memorieeees.

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