Monday, July 18, 2011

MKE > MSN > MP > CR > MP > MKE

This past weekend was a good one. On Friday night I went on a fun bike ride with Kelly in Madison. We were out late, but the next morning I got up early and pressed on to Mineral Point. Dad and I seized the day and struck out for the Wisconsin River with the dog and a cooler of snacks.




etc 002

Canoes are to Subarus as large gold necklaces are to Run DMC. Bling bling!


We were out from 1:00 til around 7:00. It got pretty warm, but there was a decent breeze, and I took frequent dips in the river to cool down. When we got home I got a call from my friend Rachel, who's on a bike tour that started on the West coast. The guy she's touring with, Will, had a bad mechanical. By pure luck, they were only 2 hours away from Mineral Point. On Sunday morning I got up early and went to collect them. I found them in Coon Valley with little problem, and would have taken some photos of them, but I found a cool tree frog (a Grey Tree Frog) instead.




etc 042

We stopped back through Mineral Point for lunch and some swimming and fetching in the lake with the dogs. We made our way back to Milwaukee in the evening, and today while I was at work, they got Will's bike fixed at Ben's Cycle and Fitness - quick and thorough!- and will be heading out to Chicago from Milwaukee tomorrow. I'll be sure to get a photo of them before they leave! Unless, of course, I get distracted by an interesting bug or something.

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