Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bad Karma

So many nasty things have been happening lately that when I try to remember back the the days before there were monthly wallet-devastating occurrences (like the brakes on my car, for instance) I can't remember what it was like. I'm pretty much planning for disasters every two weeks now. It seems like they're inevitable at this point.

Hasn't the universe heard I've been donating to charity lately? Come on, guys, I'm a nice person! I went to Megabolt's fundraiser (and I hate to 'go out'!) and bought some raffle tickets! Lily and Emily were there, and when asked if deserved a more worry-free summer they said 'Yes, oh yes!'

Megabolt Fundraiser at Sugar Maple

If you don't know what Megabolt is, you're missing out. "In late 2009, Megabolt started as nothing more than an idea to do something good rather than just talk about it." One of my designer friends does some work for them, and if I were cool enough I'd design stuff for them, too. One of their neatest projects is the sketchbook.

"When you buy a sketchbook, you're not only getting one for yourself, you're also giving one to a child in a hospital. But we're not stopping there. Every sketchbook is individually numbered which will allow you to see exactly whom you are giving the book to. Once the child has completed his or her book, their artwork will be uploaded onto where you will be able to interactively flip through the pages of the book."

Who here doesn't think that's the best idea ever? I should buy a few- certainly then I could count on some good karma.


K8 said...

Super cool idea !

dis said...

what up, lily?