Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things on Strings


On Friday night I went to the Things on Strings show in Waukesha. Or, I think it was in Waukesha. If it wasn't, it was darn close. Anyhow, I went out with a few friends to see some artwork, some of which was bike themed, from local artist Becky Tesch.

Before I let loose on the bike themed work, though, let me share with you some of the coolest interactive pieces. Here I am grinning like a goon at this one, which were a bunch of little... I don't even know what they're called. Let's call them viewers.


Looking inside, you could see little photos like this.


I'm amazed that the camera could focus on that. Modern Marvel.

The other cool one had a bunch of small houses with locked doors hanging, along with about a hundred keys. There were arrows on the floor to point you into the whole mess, which was a nice touch. I think without that people would have stayed away and not touched the art. Anyway, your task was to find the right key so you could open the door and get a sealed envelope with different confessions.



They were... um...




Dad, I know you read my blog, and let me stress that that is not MY confession! You'll all be relieved to know that none of those are any of our confessions. Phwew!

Now let's all shake it off with some nice bike themed artwork.




And just one more piece...


After that, we went to Cafe Hollander in 'Tosa, and I begged to have my photo taken. I know when I've got it going on, and that night was rare example. That, and it was dark enough to hide my frizzy hair.


We ladies also stopped for a picture on the newly finished Hank Aaron bike trail bridge, by the Brewer's stadium. It's so nice! And the bike trail is like butter. I've used that trail the most of all the trails (more than the Oak Leaf Trail!) this summer, I think. Well done, Milwaukee.


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