Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm moving!

To this place.
Wood Ave




To this face.


Whoops, nope. Not that one.

This one.




Apparently I like to flank my prey and snap photos from one side or the other...

I just reserved some space in a U-Pack truck, so it's for real. At this point I'm so excited to move, I could pack myself in a box and wait until August 28th, the Sunday I'll be driving down to my new home :)

There'll be a lot more of this sort of thing... exploring amazing new trails and terrain with my favorite guy.

Bent Creek, Easter Sunday

I'm very excited for the adventure to begin! I've never lived outside of Wisconsin. I'm positive I'll miss it, and the wonderful cycling community I'm a part of here, but when I start to get a little misty eyed thinking about it, I think about all the cool people there are out there, yet to be met!


D A N O said...

Good luck in your new adventure!!!!

K8 said...

rock on katy !

bmxmtbfam said...

Who is going to make stickers next year.hope you have fun, your taking on a trip that most only dream about.