Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend in New York

Well, things are quieter these days, but I snuck out of boring ol' Danbury to go down to New York City to visit my friend Ben this past weekend.


We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it was great.




I feel like I consistently forget how much I love being in museums and basking in paintings. I particularly love paintings.

While I was looking at this painting, a (presumably) Chinese woman leaned over and rapped on it. As in 'knock knock knock'. My mouth fell open in shock. When I told Ben, his mouth fell open in shock. I exclaimed "Right?! That's what I said!" I told the museum guard what had happened and she started tailing her. I would have said something when I saw it happen, but I was frozen in place.


This painting had the brightest paint for miles. Apparently the guy who commissioned the piece insisted on the finest materials.


You've got to love the facial expressions going on here.


Speaking of, check out the creepy smile on Salome here. This painting was really amazing, though. It drew me from across the room to see if the surface was metallic or if the gold objects were just painted so well it made you second guess things. As far as I could tell, it wasn't metallic. It really was stunning.


Joan of Arc beautifully rendered. These guys were pumped to get their photo taken with her.


I'm not much into sculpture, but I liked this one. It's dramatic and downright badass if you ask me.


There were also some Degas sculptures in a room of works cast after his death. They weren't half bad either, I suppose.



Gotta love a Chuck Close.


Gustav Klimt never really did it for me in school, but there were a few of his paintings here and there and each one stopped me and pulled me over for a closer look. There's a difference between seeing a painting reproduced in a book and seeing it in person - who knew?!


I love the colors in her face, and her eyes were 'captivating'. Sorry for that word, I couldn't think of anything else, and they were in fact captivating.


This painting was wonderful too.


This piece was a marvel in the true sense of the word. Very simple, but so fascinating. It also threw sound, so that people standing five feet away to the left of you sounded like they were talking in your right ear. Or something like that. That was interesting in itself, because people have different tones of voice for talking to someone in close proximity as opposed to projecting their voice for someone a few feet away. This was like a stranger (because you'd pick up whoever was standing nearby) talking in a regular 'projecting across the room' voice in your ear. I'm doing a terrible job explaining this... In any case just watching yourself in the mirrors was entertainment enough.



Then we went shopping for a while. I'm a big tourist and I take pictures on the street.


The main reason for the trip down was Galapagos Art Space's Floating Kabarette. We took the subway to the nearest stop and then froze for a few blocks.


 I apologize in advance, but I've got to have a gripe here: If you go, buy tickets weeks, if not a month+ early and call/email to request a decent table. From what I could see of the show, it was great, but we had what had to be the worst table in the place. We sat at a regular dining-height table that was behind a high top table. So we both sat on one side of our table and leaned back so we could see down the aisle to the stage. Waitresses and patrons alike were walking down the aisle the entire show, obscuring the stage. The table was worthless. Most of the way through some people left the table in front of us, so we snagged it. It was nice to just watch, without trying to see around people every two minutes.

Rant over. The show really was amazing, and this guy was particularly thrilling.



On the way back after the show was all wrapped up, we barely missed the train we wanted and were stuck waiting for fifteen minutes or so, so we took some pictures as entertainment as we waited.




And that was our day. That's all I've got for you guys. You should have reached your daily allotment for photos, yeah?

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