Monday, January 14, 2013

First Night in Taiwan

Rewind back to the first night in Taiwan, a few days ago:

Once we landed in Taiwan, we got on a bus to the train station to catch the high speed rail to Taichung. (We are burning through the modes of transportation on this trip, fyi. There was a ferry earlier, which I haven't gotten around to reporting on.)

Here's the train station.


Here's the train. It's a pretty lame video. I guess I thought it would be more exciting?

We took a taxi to the hotel, where we were immediately scooped up for the CSG (that's my company - Cycling Sports Group) End of Year party. It was at a seafood restaurant :S but there was video boxing :D I tried it and apparently lost. For all three rounds, I was unsure of which character I actually was.

Ron also lost to the video character named 'FussiestHot3944'. She's having a good year, what can I say?

 He won big money! $200! Just kidding. $200 in Taiwan is something like $6 US.


Before we got snagged into karaoke, we took off and hit the streets.


We stopped at a convenience store to get some cash out. At this point I'm totally fine with making a fool of myself and everyone I'm with by taking pictures of just about everything. Evidence for your consideration:





It was a nice night of wandering around a little bit. We were with people who knew exactly where they were, too, so there was no stress there. The highlight of the night had to be the pet grooming shop we went past (open until 10pm?) with all sorts of cats wandering around, free-range.








I'm voting Best Surprise Event so far.

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