Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cramming It In

Disclaimer: It's late and there's going to be some rambling.

I got to do a lot of great things on this trip, even though it was a work trip. Lest you-all think I wasn't working, let me describe the work. In China we worked at one place where we had to wear winter coats all day because the office was so cold. I had toe warmers in my boots, thank goodness - thanks again for the suggestion, Kate! We had tons of bikes to go through, too, and whenever I found myself not doing anything because I had finished something else or just spaced out, the question I had to ask myself was, "What should I be panicking about right now?" There were two+ days at that factory.

The past two or three days in Taiwan have been a whirlwind of visits to approve saddles, wheel artwork, frames and forks, and of course to work on solutions and revisions. In a few instances, we were at one factory and people from another one would stop in to show us revised product. Up until the past few days, we were able to dedicate a day or more to each factory due to how much product we had coming from it.

Today we toured a saddle factory, (among about four other stops) which was really, really cool. So many ancient machines, and so many processes you wouldn't think about going into your saddle. Lauren and I both thought it would be kind of neat to do a day of working for a little while at each station, to see how this one thing gets put together.

So anyway, the three of us have been varying degrees of really pretty sick. A coworker back home was diagnosed with strep throat, which we're all suspicious of now. After about a week and a half of my own unique problem with my ears, I finally had a good day today with no pain, very little ringing and improved hearing. Ron was at his worst today, and Lauren seems to be about to see the dawn after a wicked storm. Throw in these 10-11 hour days, and we're about ready to come home.

Now I'm going to have to convince you guys that it wasn't all torturous work again. Why, just today I got to swing in some gorgeous weather while waiting for our lunch date.


Then I sneaked out from lunch a little early and walked down the street by myself to a market.


On the way back from that, I saw a cat chilling in a car.


It wanted to plaaay!


Ron, who's allergic, could safely pet it.


On the same street I saw designated car, scooter and dog parking. We saw a lot of long haired dachunds in Taiwan.


Just before leaving for dinner from the CSG Taiwan office, Lauren and I picked up the paddles and played ping pong for a little bit.



Toward the end of one set, the ball was getting away from us. As I was barely reeling one in, I glanced over quickly at the guys watching. The ball barely found its way to Lauren, but she snagged it, sending it back over to me. Since we were spooling out of control anyway, I took the opportunity to whip it at Ben, who was one of the guys on the sidelines. It was pretty childish, which is why I'm so happy in this next picture.


We are pleased with ourselves.



And that's just from today, friends. On our day off, we got bitchin' manicures, as one of the vendors insisted that our ailing group needed some down-time.


Even at work, I got to have more fun. I tried my hand at water-transfer decals. If quality control let it through, there will be an Evo bike with a decal I applied on it.


I haven't even posted about Piano Island yet, though I keep threatening to. It deserves its own post, but here's a taste.


An early morning run, back when jet lag made it possible to easily do early mornings.


Trying out a driver at the world's largest golf course. No biggie.





Hey look at this big spider I saw.


There was bowling, and indoor batting cages for those who liked to 'make sport'.


Well, I think those are most of the highlights. And now for the highlight of my day so far: going to bed! You can show yourself out, thanks.

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