Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Food Pt. 2

Alright, so I'm in my last hotel room for the trip, trying to stay up late tonight so I can sleep through much of the flight tomorrow and hopefully get a handle on jet lag quickly and efficiently this coming weekend. Hah. We'll see. So I'm blogging a bit to have something to do, lucky you. I thought I'd do another food wrap-up, since I think a few of my foodie friends might be reading.

Fruit snack and some tea with honey at the spa, dahling.


Cheese sticks? Yyyyep! There were a few Italian restaurants in Taiwan. You'd be hard pressed to find anything like that in the areas in China that we visited, though. Taiwan was definitely easier on me.


This was supposed to be eaten in a certain order, which I'm afraid I just ignored, because the instructions started with 'Eat those tomatoes over there' and I was all 'Ew, no.' (It's a texture thing. Sorry, tomatoes.)

I did eat the snail, even though it wasn't covered in puff pastry and drenched in butter, the way I prefer them. I tried a tiny bit of the vinegar drink but didn't much care for it.


Shrimp: Don't let him eat meeee!
Me: Sorry shramp.


The only person worse about taking photos at dinner, Ben.


The aforementioned octopus tentacle. Ate it.


Dried squid hanging out on the ground in a market place. Do not want.



The hotel breakfasts at the hotels were out of control. Different sections for American, Chinese and Japanese, as well as a few others sprinkled in, I'm sure. It was like a huge buffet, first thing in the morning. I really liked the pumpkin cakes and green tea cakes, which were at most places.


A piece of sharkcake, like a crabcake but with shark. Sharkcake. It wasn't too bad.


My friend Kate will be happy to know that I ate no dog (that I know of), though there was evidence of such things.


Overall I totally survived the food. I did get tired of eating dinners toward the end of the trip here, though. My family's never been big on food. None of us cook much, and we'd rather be out fishing or hunting or hiking, or else in painting or quilting or working on some other project. After a week and a half of sitting down, making myself try new things and frequently drinking more than I really wanted to, I longed to eat a peanut butter sandwich, down a soda (yes, they are bad for me) and then get on with life instead of making every meal a production. Don't worry about me, folks. Soon I'll be back living the bachelorette lifestyle of eating hurriedly and without joy. What a relief it will be.

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