Friday, January 4, 2013

New York ---> Hong Kong

I'm traveling to China and Taiwan for work for the next 10 days or so, doing a kind of press check on the bike frames that I've designed graphics for. I'm with two coworkers on the design team, Ron and Lauren. I'll be posting here as I can.

I've arrived in Hong Kong a mere 15 hours after departing from New York! It's 3:00am back home, but it's the afternoon here. At the suggestion of coworkers, I didn't sleep on the plane but instead watched movies like it was my job. When you look at a 15 hour flight as an opportunity to do nothing but watch current movies and eat snacks all day, it looks a tiny bit brighter. Anyway, according to calculations, being sleep deprived will help with falling asleep tonight and sleeping through the morning here.

 Aaaaanyhow, the morning started out around 4:30am, with a 5:00am date with a car service to the airport. Once there, we used Ron's super jet-setter status with Cathay Pacific to get into their plush lounge. Free snacks, beer and booze, and great lounging opportunities. It's how the other side lives, basically.

What better way to lounge than in the outfit my parents got me for Christmas for my long flights? I'm also sporting a new hat from my aunt Andy, locally made in the north woods of Wisconsin.


The lounge was classy. I am not.


The booze!



The snacks!


Cheers to the lounge.


Then, as previously stated, it was time for some of this:


I got a window seat, which is of course a hassle for a lot of things, but it was really great for gawking at scenery. When I saw the icy seas around Godhavn, Greenland (according to the electronic map on the screen at the time) I was reminded that flying is damn cool sometimes. To look down and realize you're flying over and looking at foreign lands is frankly amazing, especially for a big dork like me. I've been so busy seeing friends in family in Wisconsin over the past few weeks and organizing that trip that it didn't hit me until taking these photos that I was on my way to China.

Around Godhavn, Greenland

There were lots of cool details to notice. I loved the river winding through these mountains.


Or this thing, which looks like it has a shadow - some sort of raised feature?


Fields under the snow.


The highway with one road peeling off for a small town.


Trails converging to one point, or a river branching out?


And mountains and mountains and mountains...


Around Ulan Bator

Around Ulan Bator

Lovely blues and browns.


Look at these handsome, rugged buzzards!


Just think of all you guys are in for. I've only been in airports today and look at all the cool photos I have for you.

Here's part of the Hong Kong airport, by the way. We're here for a few hours before we catch our second and last flight for the day.


I think I might try to sneak in a tiny little nap now ;)


Rachel said...

Love it. Nice photos, Katy! And wonderful lounge clothes modeling.

shant said...

Fun! Cool photos.

Elizabeth said...

I HATE flying with a capital H, A, T, and E...but once you're up there and you're drugged out of your mind and you've said your ablutions to the gods of can be super cool. I still remember the first time Jon saw Mt. McKinley from a plane.

Enjoy where you are going! Glad your job gets out to travel!