Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jade Market in Taichung

After a day of deadly efficient graphic designing, we hit up the jade market, which Ron described as having the potential to make me pee my pants. Truly, there were so many things to see, paw through, and take photos of. Perfect! None of us know how to tell real jade from fake, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that most of it's fake. Too shiny, too perfect, too cheap. But still a feast for the eyes. Lauren and I pored over pretty much every table while Ron and Ben tolerated us :)



I thought this guy had style.


A great carving that highlights the stone.



I tried on a few necklaces that I really liked, but unfortunately I am a woman of expensive tastes.

This one reminded me a little too much of a lariat once it was on.



This one was very Rococo (not the pizza, the art movement) in the coloring and the flouncy stylings. Amazing, though. The price was in the hundreds of US dollars.


This one was around $300, I think. After a while I stopped registering the prices, because it might as well have been $1000.



A girl can dream. And perhaps a girl can throw together her spending money for the whole trip and go back and get that one necklace she really really liked.

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