Thursday, April 29, 2010

So long, old frienemy.

Out with the old...
So long, pendejo!

and in with the new!
My car's decal.

I do get little pangs, thinking about how I can no longer haul entire sectional couches.
New Couch Day

Or the team's gear; tents and garbage and bikes and chairs and six gallons of soup and its burners.
Packed Up

Or seven Tetris pieces and one sexy cop:
Seven Tetris and one sexy cop.

But then, I won't miss things like this:
Cross Eyed

(I could go through all the pictures I have of repairs being done, but we'd be here all night.)

I was originally searching for a Toyota Tacoma, but most that had the mileage I wanted were out of my price range. And at first, car shopping is fun but there comes a point where I just want it to be over, especially when the current car is like a ticking bomb. So cue the Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. What a title. The Ranger got traded in and I've got a fun car to drive (manual! fast!) that will get better gas mileage, etc, etc.

There's something strange about it, though. It doesn't really feel like mine yet... or it feels so natural, and I'm waiting for the realization to hit. I own a real, reliable car now. Cool. I'm definitely getting used to being so low to the ground, though. And let's just say I'll have to re-learn backing up now that I can't just look over my shoulder and see the end of the car. So many things in the way! But I'm sure I'll persevere :)


Biffbradford said...

Subaru Impreza Outback Sport = Super reliable!

Snacks said...

Good lord, I hope so!

Tim said...

Just spill some coffee in it and it will feel like yours. Congrats!