Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Better

Cale and I have been out to Kettles a few times in the past week and this last time he commented that I've gotten faster, or more aggressive. He doesn't have to wait up for much at all anymore. I don't balk at many things, and I think my cornering and descending is getting better. As for the things that do give me pause, I step back and stare them down for a little while. The big boulder out on the Emma side took a lot of staring and visualizing of success, but in the end I gave it a go. It's still not the most natural thing, but I'll keep at it until it's old hat. Here's the boulder in question:

One thing I haven't gotten around to:


The hop up to the first log gives me pause. One of these days, though. I think it'll get easier as I get more comfortable with picking up the front end.

This past Sunday when we were out, I did this one about ten times until I rode the whole log. That's something I definitely need to get better at- log rides. I know it's in me, I feel like something just has to click. Which is how I feel about dancing (I'm terrible), except I think that the switch is much more likely to flip for log rides someday. I'm not holding my breath on grooving.


I'm coming along on boulders, though. This was taken last Sunday. Right before Cale started rolling, I was telling him to crouch down so the rocks looked bigger. Why yes, I act and direct.

Sooo I'm feeling good! I'm checking things off the list. I figure if I don't have the mental toughness to stick to a training regimen, I can at least improve my skillz and get a little faster that way. My kryptonite is still log-overs not perpendicular to the trail, and to a lesser extent large logs. A good illustration of this is my shaky laughter at my stellar luck in having survived this terrifying encounter:

Ooh, I get goosebumps just watching it.*

*Not really. I'm embellishing.

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