Tuesday, April 6, 2010

North Carolina Awesome

Starting Out

This is the first time we started out from Milwaukee. We made it as far as Kenosha when Kris found out he had forgotten his wallet. We got turned around in Asheville, but got to Aaron and Erin's place (confusing, right? same name.) in Hendersonville before it got too late out.

Sunday morning we went to church, where a visiting youth group made a little thank you speech to their hosts, earnestly proclaiming "Southern comfort is not just a saying." After a few seconds most of the church had dissolved into giggles. After church, we went grocery shopping and then hit the road/trails. Kris started out from the house, and I drove to Bent Creek to get some riding in.

Not only did I not get lost getting to the trail head, I made an awesome friend. New Best Friend Robb and I have been tearing it up. Or rather, he's been taking me on rides that have been tearing me up. Sunday was 2.5 hours at Bent Creek, which is like Kettles on steroids. About the same level of technical stuff (nothing I couldn't ride) but the elevation came in large, large chunks. Killer climbs- a few times I had to walk to keep from, you know, passing out- but of course some fun descents. This one, Ingles Field Gap, we did twice, though the second time we took a logging road up, which was easier.

Toward the Top at Bent Creek

Fire Road

To top off a great day, I had the best hair day I've had in... months. Really, months. This is blog worthy. Don't even tell me I look like a teenage boy, either, because that doesn't even matter. Great hair day.

Awesome Hair Day

On Monday Robb took Kris and I out for 3.5 hours on the road. We did a climb (I'll check the route when I download the Garmin), that brought us up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was pretty painful, not gonna lie, but it was a good ride. Plus, we got to stop at the Biltmore McDonald's for a shake. We saw the actual Biltmore from the the road, too, off in the distance.

Starting Out

Kris and Robb


Tunnels! Tunnels everywhere.

Lots of downed trees from bad storms this winter.


After we hauled our sorry selves back to Robb's, we got cleaned up and went out to dinner in Asheville at a BBQ place. Asheville really does have a Madison vibe. I mean, if Madison weren't 40 degrees and raining right now (suckaaaaaas!) I might have gotten confused. Luckily, there were a lot of t-shirts and idyllic blossoming trees to remind me I was in sunny North Carolina.

Blossoming Trees in Asheville

Well, I'm just about caught up on my adventures but it's time to get to bed. More riding tomorrow.


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