Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Slugworth

For a while now, I didn't think you were doing so well. You went off your feed and appeared to shrink smaller and smaller. You moved around less and less, but I figured, you're a slug and it's only logical that you be sluggish. However, now that you've sprouted mold I must come to the conclusion that you've gone on to a better place. You were not a great pet, but I did not wish death on you. I will strive to remember you as the sleek torpedo of a slug you once were.


Slugworth's New Digs

Goodbye, Slugworth.


The Shed Master said...


When's the wake?

Biffbradford said...

But he was one of the more famous slugs on the internet!

“Girls are like slugs. They serve some purpose but it's hard to imagine what.”

Calvin & Hobbes

Snacks said...

Russell, no wake. He wouldn't have wanted that. He'll just return to the earth... or a dumpster.

It's good to know Slugworth was so beloved. I'll have to replace him with something with a little more pep, though.