Saturday, April 17, 2010

MIAD's Gallery Night

Friday night Gallery Night! A bunch of us headed to MIAD to check out the senior thesis projects. Three years ago that was me, working like crazy for months for that one night. At the time it seemed normal- now removed, looking at the projects it's like seeing a superhuman feat of willpower. Some of the projects were just incredible, the amount of work that must have gone into them. All sorts of absolutely unique things that took totally unique solutions... but I digress. Check it out.

Gallery Night

The idea behind this was that a whole room full of furniture would be stored in a small place. I think when stored, it made up the bed.

Gallery Night

This bike is a huge SLA model (like a 3D print using little points of plastic)- incredible. This student has been hanging out at the track and interviewing people since summer. Probably for this project.

Gallery Night

Here's Tony with his thesis on a Velodrome. He did a lot of research on Milwaukee and velodromes and retail spaces and you name it.

Tony at Gallery Night

I haven't been out and about in Milwaukee at night for a while. Pretty, yeah? It reminds me of college.

MIAD on the River

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