Monday, April 26, 2010


Let's go back.

About a year ago, Snips was still pretty young and had separation anxiety. (I was working from home at the time and he was used to having someone around. I noticed he was super upset when we got back from a Thanksgiving weekend spent away.) So for our Spring trip to San Diego I asked if any friends could watch him. One friend said that he'd like to, but his roommate was allergic. However, he had a girlfriend that liked cats...

Fast forward to the girlfriend dropping off the cat. I asked her how it went, she said it went fine and they got along great.

Fast forward to a week after that. My friend, Pete, asked how the drop-off went. "Fine, why do you ask?" Apparently Snips had driven her nuts. He was always underfoot, meowed a lot, sharpened his claws all over and was a general pill, whining and not letting her sleep at night. She hadn't said anything about it, I guess to be nice.

Snips is much better now, and he's used to being left at the apartment with someone stopping over to feed him once a day. Last night I was painting the bathroom into the wee hours, with the cat keeping me company. While I enjoyed the company and the laughs, I think I can see where the girlfriend was coming from.



Oh, cat.

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