Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trail Work and Riding

Here we have some dirt removal. Further down the trail they're building up a wall to create a berm.

And what a wall it's turning out to be! I think they've been at it for two work days, and it's still not done.
Built up Berm

Gary found an antler shaped rock.
Gary and an Antler

After the section was joined to the overlook with the felling of a final honeysuckle shrub, we broke open the cooler for beers and sodas all around.

After trail work, we drove over to the Muir parking lot and met up with Matt, who had come up from Chicago to ride. He borrowed my single speed and rocked out the full monty, even though this is only his second time on a mountain bike. Here he is, taking a drink of water. We had some pretty photogenic people out on the trails today.


And Cale...


After the ride, the new haircut was looking decent, so I asked Cale to take a picture. I had to pry him off the couch, and then he was whining "It just looks like you're standing against a wall." Thus, this face:

Disapproving Face

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