Monday, May 3, 2010

Beach Ride

Sunday we went on a beach ride. I had packed the helmets when Cale reminded me we didn't really need them. You never get going very fast, and it's 99% sand. It feels a little strange, but you get used to it.

Go figure, it was nice and sunny up until the minute we got on the beach. Still, it was a nice ride, with the wind at our backs on the way out. We stopped up at Kohler Andrae in Sheboygan, then turned around to face the wind. It certainly was a headwind, but it wasn't bad.

Cale riding some rocks.



Another one in the books.


Sonia said...

Now that looks like fun! Where did you start?

It was good to see you out in the 'Sha last night. Sorry if we were all business on the ride. I think we were itching to get going by the time you got there. :)

Snacks said...

We always start in Port Washington, if you start any further South the beach is broken up by a lot of things.

Yeah, it was cool to get out there. Now I know how long it'll take and I'll get there on time!