Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working for the Weekend

I feel like I've got to account for my days here :)

Sunday I went to learn some sports massage techniques and borrow some books from an old friend. You all can start sucking up now, so when I've got it down I might remember you favorably. Since I was already on the other side of Madison, I pushed on through and went and visited my parents. Would you believe I'm not too old to clean out the pantry while I'm home? True story. On the way back I tried to hit up Blue Mound, hoping to get in a little riding. I feel like I never quite remember the trails there, though I do remember they're challenging. Unfortunately, it had rained recently and the trails weren't dried out yet. Not very sandy around there- more black earth.

Blue Mound = Boo Mound

On Monday night, teammate Brandon wanted to know if anyone wanted to go for a ride at Kettles. Me me me! Me, I do!


Wait, that's not Brandon, that's one of the suicidal chipmunks out there. Here's Brandon.


We did a blue, orange and white loop, for a total moving time of about 1:45. I wanted to test out my knee and see how it did. I stretched out beforehand, and I didn't get any pangs during warmup, so that was a good sign. I took it easy and did my climbing seated. The next day I was a little sore, but it shouldn't be a problem for this weekend's 12 hr race. Woo-hoo!

Tuesday night I did the soccer mom thing and took a couple of the kids down to the track. Teammates Marcus and Jon needed a ride, so I drove and watched the races. I didn't race- still not a huge fan of track racing, and I want to rest the knee. Probably next week, though.

Track - Opening Night

Tonight's the first night I've had at home, and I've largely wasted it watching movies and doing a minimal amount of housework. Ah, sometimes I relish a night at home, especially after so many late nights out and about.

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