Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going With It

It's been 'riding this' and 'riding that' this week. Since Saturday I've been doing one thing or the other- trail building & mountain biking, beach riding, commuting, the Gun Show and more mountain biking. Today I've got a day off, though, with only a short ride to Cale's mom's birthday dinner.

Last night's ride was really awesome. A few carloads of us left work a little early to hit up the Kettles with some guys from Ray's and Trek, and I got in a short nap on the way there- already this night was a success. I thought I'd probably be riding with some slower guys (sorry coworkers, but it's true) so I brought the SS for extra workout and badass points. It worked out well, even though the pace toward the front was not what I thought it would be! Ray and Michael from Trek were tearing through the forest like... Batty of Fern Gully. Though not as uncoordinated, of course. I would lose them after a little while, then catch them on climbs. It was great practice to ride behind guys who were nailing it through the corners. I'm still working on that, so to see it being done right is helpful.

At one point Jon (coworker) was riding behind me, and he told me to drop my shoulder through the corner and holy sh!t if that didn't work. For maybe the first time ever everything fell into place and I felt all the knobs in the tires really gripping the dirt. I also felt the gentle whisper of terror as I actually accelerated through the corner. Like, actually accelerated. I felt stable and fairly comfortable on the bike, but it was such a foreign feeling. But now that I've tasted it, I can go after it more aggressively.

I feel fantastic. This is my year, people.

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