Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Classy Cat, etc.

Delivery for a lucky cat! Some friends found a Rock & Republic pet collar on clearance- I got it for the LOLz. This way, I can be reminded of the ridiculousness that was Rock Racing all the time. And it makes the cat's face look fatter, which is an unexpected bonus.

Snips, you lucky cat you.

Rock & Republic Cat

Cale also got his replacement Niner today. I think he had it built up in two hours, maybe less. Here he is, lookin' Street Tough.

Tough Stuff

Today at lunch I went for a short run, because this week has been driving me crazy. It's been either freezing, raining, gale force winds or a combo of the three. It was exercise or lose it. I think things are making a turn, though. Tonight it was warm enough for exposed skin! Well, on the way to dinner, anyway. It was pretty chilly coming back.


I tried a couple of photos of my handlebars and Cale riding, and I've gotta say this one is my favorite. The angle is just right- it looks like my bike's crazed and trying to mow him down.


Going back further, the Pegasus kit came in. Here, I wear as much as possible and the cat tries to suck it up through osmosis.

New Kit

I was excited to see how the Downhill jersey turned out. It's not exactly how I wanted it, but it works alright. Heh, the pink shape on the bottom kind of makes Joey look like an earwig, what with the little butt pincers. These are the kind of things you just don't think of until you see the design on.

Joey and Downhill Jersey

Last weekend, we went on a short but long (three+ hours) canoe trip down the Milwaukee, up in the Grafton area. Photo journal time.

Cale, Milwaukee River

Milwaukee River

Gunnar and Kelly

It was a good time, and it reminded me of going on canoe trips with my parents. Except there was 500% more booze (don't worry, that's up from a pair of O'Douls) and a jam box blaring 'Strictly Awesome' music. It was a little cold on the day we chose, but it should be really fun to do during the hot months. A+ would recommend.

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