Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back In The Saddle / Christmas

Well my loyal tens of readers, I'm back to training. Last night after Cale got back from work, we went to the gym and 'threw some weight around'. I tried to go for a short run (20 min) on the track, but I got a sharp pain under my kneecap, so I cut it short at about eight minutes. I think it's my shoes- I remember not liking them last year- so I'll trade Cale for his New Balances next time. I recall liking them much better.

It's hard to say where I am as opposed to last year. I kind of remember what weight I was doing on what machines, but not with any certainty. Too, I was taking it easy last night so as not to be walking around like the living dead (very stiff) today and tonight, at parties. I know I've fallen in fitness running and doing situps, but I think my legs have held fairly steady in the weights department. That's nice.

Now, if you please, prepare yourself for tales of Christmas. Cale and I went up north to Tomahawk to spend time with my family. My aunt and uncle live up there, and we met my parents, cousin and the Cohn family from North Carolina. When all assembled, we had twelve people.

We did a good amount of lounging around and reading. I finished Cold Mountain, which I enjoyed, and spent some time outside shoveling snow (it's novel now because I never have to) and snow biking. I helped Cale cook one night, too. Cale's an excellent cook; His family gatherings are centered around cooking (and excellent cooking, at that) while my family usually focuses on activities and art. Unfortunately, that means he's used to wonderful meals and we're used to heating up leftovers and making sandwiches. Luckily, I am very clever and thought of the perfect solution. Cale cooks dinner for all of us, he's satisfied and we're awed. Voila!

Chef Cale

So it was a typical Christmas but for one activity. Karaoke. The day after Christmas (it was Sat) most of the family went to the closest bar, the Clover Club, to play pool and darts, and- lucky us!- it was karaoke night. When we walked in, an eight year old was butchering Man on the Moon by REM. It was ... mouth puckeringly bad. The bar tender offered the kid a quarter not to sing again. The bar tender was actually quite good with old country songs, and there was another woman who wasn't half bad. Of course, it was only a matter of beers before we started singing.

My cousin Shannon sang a bunch and roped me into some duets. I found the White Stripes' Fell in Love With a Girl and decided to sing that one solo. I'd never sung karaoke and figured I owed it to myself. Plus, this particular song I knew to be less than two minutes long, so if it was unbearable, it would at least be over quickly. It probably felt like more than two minutes to the rest of the bar :) but I had fun.

On to the photo journal!

On the family land's trails.


On Silver Lake Rd.

Cale on Silver Lake Rd

On Silver Lake (we were careful to stay along the edge to avoid any chance of thin ice).

Cale on Silver Lake

Back from our ride. I've got a forehead comb over going on.

In from our ride.

Shannon making bread. She's an excellent bread maker. Breadisan?

Making Bread

Uncle Paul got a denim blazer from my dad.

Paul and his new blazer.

Dad and the dog, Carmel, in typical fashion.

Dad and Carmel

The best seats in the house! The tall chairs overlooking the meadow.

Steve and Tater

On Sunday, when we left, the sun was just starting to come out. This was my parting shot.

Sunny Morning

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