Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Sad(dle) Story

Alas! First my rear derailleur, now my most expensive saddle, a Fizik Vitesse (which isn't that expensive, but still). It all started with a night ride, last Thursday.

The lineup:



Nick (his first night ride, I think- he did well)


We rode the West side and then started on the East side (I think I'm getting that right). We came to the bowl, and though it was a little slippery, I decided to man up and ride it. All the guys were on the other side, so I yelled 'coming through' and dropped in. Well, halfway up the other side, I'm looking up to find the lip and yelling "Look away!!" because I had a couple of lights shining at me and I couldn't really see.

Heh. Of course, saying anything when you're zipping along and your cheeks are frozen, giving your speech a little slur, will get you puzzled stares. From all three of your riding companions. So I could see the dirt a few yards in front of me and then the most brilliant light coming from the top of the bowl. It probably wouldn't have been that bad- I was mostly just distracted and didn't pedal enough to get over the lip, so I kind of fell over sideways and then slid down a few yards.

I had one hand on my bike while I was skating along on my bum, and apparently the saddle was hung up on a root or something. It held for a second and then came sliding past me. Once I had stopped, I brushed myself off, hiked up the other side and tried it again. This time, success. Once on the other side I checked out the saddle a little more. Rideable but decidedly broken.

Breakin' shit left and right.

Breakin' shit left and right.

So anyway, now I'm going to try a few test saddles and keep an eye out at the swap meets for a replacement. Miraculously, I found an older leather Vitesse at the swap meet for $5! It might go on one of my about-town bikes instead of the mountain bike. I also picked up this white one to try out. It looks pretty decent, and I don't have any other white saddles. Also $5, so who could resist?

Women's saddles, $5 apiece.

I'm terrible at resisting. Nowadays, I come home from each swap with several saddles to try out. Oh well, they're good to keep around for just such an occurrence, I guess.

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