Friday, December 4, 2009

Only the Lonely

Since Jingle Cross, Cale's been gone on a business trip. And I'll be honest, the title of this post, Only the Lonely, came to mind because I'm the Only at home, and when I was a kid I owned a Roy Orbison cassette tape. (I liked 'Pretty Woman') Point being, I'm actually not lonely... yet. Another week to go.

So what have I been doing with my time? Mostly sitting at home, staying up late, working on Christmas presents and watching movies that Cale would hate. That's the best part about him being gone. I've watched Pride & Prejudice twice. Twice! Oh ho, while the cat's away the mouse will play, and how! Talk about gettin' wild. It reminds me of when I was freelancing for Hayes. I had so much alone time during my day. I miss that.

Speaking of the cat, when I got home, the cat was really, really clingy for days. Since we'd been gone for four days, he climbed into my lap every chance he got and followed me around the apartment.

This is the first weekend where there's hardly anything bike related going on. I like this time of year, where biking tapers off for the year and there are still a lot of events and gatherings. Later on in the winter, I swear there's nothing to do some weekends but mope and try to stay warm. But not now!

This weekend I'm going to get my makeup done for a Pegasus wallpaper project. It sucks, last year we had the calendar and we called it the calendar. This year I'm planning a ...thing where we'll release wallpapers throughout the year. You know, computer desktop images. Photomagraphs. So what do I call it? Do I really have to explain that every time? I fear it may be.

Anyway, makeup. But I have to get it done in the morning, before the bike swap meet at UWM, because the makeup artist isn't available later. I'm just grateful she's making time for me at all, but I will be wandering around the swap with gorgeous makeup, which I'm not used to. Maybe I'll just go all out, wear a short dress and heels and pretend I stayed up all night at some fabulous party. That I just decided to 'swing by the swap' on my way home. Hm. Tempting.

That night is the first of a string of parties, too, which are always fun. I like dressing up. Who doesn't? Next weekend is the Santa Rampage, which will rock pretty hard. My poor Santa's Mistress costume, though. It's seen some mud and road salt/grit in its day. I would wash it but it would probably unravel. Or bleed out. Or both. I'll try to spot clean it before year two of the rampage arrives.

Anyway, now it is sufficiently late and I can go to bed feeling like a rebel.

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