Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Rampage '09

What can I say about the Santa Rampage? First to explain for those who don't know, it's a bar crawl done on bikes. Oh, and everyone is dressed up like Santa (or an elf, or someone who didn't have a costume and instead paired lots of red and green items of clothing together). This is the second year I've done it, and I really looked forward to it. It's so much fun, and I get to see so many friends from the cycling community. I was totally tired out but still disappointed it was over when we headed home for the night. It felt like Christmas was over or something- but then I remembered we're just getting started!

Here are a few of my favorite costumes from the ride (OK, there are more than a few):
Wearing a tree skirt, which was surprisingly appropriate because of the tree ziptied to his helmet. (Which was decorated with the pretzels from this stop.)

No, no, no. Great Lakes Distillery

Reindeer: one pair of antlers, plus any brown clothes.

Aris / Reindeer

This costume had lights wound all over, with an extension cord handy to bring out at each stop.

Plugged In. Great Lakes Distillery

My favorite holiday turtleneck costume. I think there was more to the costume, but while we were inside a lot of people took off layers. We are left with this. (Creepy!)


Another reindeer.

Dancing Reindeer

A naughty nurse costume from Halloween converted to holiday garb. Clever!

Naughty Nurse to Holiday Costume

There was some tough competition, but I think this was my favorite because it makes me laugh every time I see it. This is supposed to be something like a redheaded elf, but it looks so much like Teen Wolf... there we are, I'm giggling to myself.

Teen Wolf Santa!

Second favorite holiday turtleneck costume. For all I know, he wears this sort of thing every day.

One of my favorite outfits.

We'll end it with my favorite photo of the day, Mike getting groped by several people at once. Cross dressing, always a win.

Groping Mike Eitel

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