Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Milwaukee Swap Meet

Swap meet report! This year there were almost exactly twice as many tables, and a good variety of things. There were some decent deals to be had, and it was well run. There was an announcer that wandered around the tables and advertised the best deals he found over the loudspeaker. It was helpful for dealseekers and the vendors, but it was also kind of a pain to talk over when you were trying to ask or answer questions.

The deal of the day: I got these guys at the swap for $60 apiece. Nothing wrong that I can see but a few dings. We're going to have them painted and keep them on hand for loaner frames for the team, in case anyone's frame suffers an untimely demise.


I got a pair of look-pretty-new-to-me Sidis for $45. The guy wouldn't take a check so I had to go around to a few friends and weasel some cash out of them. (So much for 'If I only bring my checkbook, I'm bound to buy less!') I have a pair of road shoes already, but these are better, and they're exactly my size. I'll probably sell off the old Garneaus.

SIDI Road Shoes

I also got this for free, which someone gave to me, saying "Someone on pegasus will wear this, right?" With pleasure!

Free and Rad

I know the Madison swap is king, but this meet is looking up. It may not be the biggest and best yet, but it's one to watch. In fact, I like that it's smaller and not as many people bother with it. More deals for me!

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