Friday, January 1, 2010


I was caught flat footed this year. So much so that on Wednesday, when someone asked "What are you doing tomorrow?" I said "Umm.. Thursday? I dunno." Thursday, aka New Year's Eve. We had a couple of parties lined up- first my friend Pete's, then Callie and Aaron's to ring in the year. We had figured we wouldn't know too many people at Pete's, but it was a small party we got to talking bikes, so we wound up staying until around eleven.

Around the time we got to Callie's at 11:30, I had started thinking about thinking about resolutions. You know, where you set aside some time to nail a few down. Fast forward to now. It's 3AM; I've had a week off of work and have been sleeping in and having trouble getting to sleep, so here I am. When I first laid down and tried to get to sleep, I started ruminating on the important things in life, like what I would do in a zombie attack. Hole up, maybe get on the roof of the apartment building? Try to drive somewhere- but keep in mind it's a city and everyone's going to be trying to get out. Traffic Jams. A bike would be better, but you'd be more vulnerable. And what if you got a flat? Too, where to aim? The north woods where there's a lower population, or the lake?

After deciding that I'd really have to see the different conditions (fast or slow zombies, any warning or too late to get out?) to decide on a plan, I moved on to some cycling resolutions.

Resolution 1:
First off, easiest and most typical, lose some weight. I believe I was around 158lbs before the season. During the season I tended to go between 153 and 156. Not too bad (I'm 5'7" and well muscled), I felt decent and was happy with my body. I tipped the scales yesterday at 163- Athena weight, baby! Though I've been shedding a few lbs overall each year, I always pack on a few during the winter. I've noticed the gain, but it hasn't bothered me. (I'm ok with how I look and feel. In fact, I'm going to post a recent photo below of me for me to admire while I type. 163's never looked so fine!)

Cale, Kris and me


However, the extra weight isn't great for racing. I think with some training and hard riding, I can get down to the high 140s. If I could maintain my power- and why not- I'd be a force to be reckoned with. And I bet I would feel pretty good at that weight. On the other hand, I'd become even more narcissistic. Hm.

Resolution 2:
Curb narcissism.

Resolution 3:
Become 'ranked' in Wisconsin by finishing some WORS races. I've had some wins and some good races this year in mountain biking, but I didn't finish the one WORS race I entered (broken chain). I was in the (Elite) top ten, though, and I'm confident I can finish there. I will strive to barely hang with the truly fast ladies of WI! That would 'put me on the map' locally. I can do 12 hour WEMS and SS races until I'm blue in the face, but I know I've got to finish some WORS to see how I stack up.

I've actually been dreaming of Kettles for a few hours, now. On my last few rides, I was really getting to know my tires, how they grip and how to make them grip. I was descending with more confidence, carving the corners and generally shredding the gnar. It felt like something had clicked. I enjoy road, track and cross, but I'd take mountain biking on a good trail almost any day, I think.

But I digress. Here's resolution that'll be familiar to anyone who's read my blog thoroughly for a few years. Ha HA!

Resolution 4:
Master the bunny hop. Two years ago, I endo'd for the first time at speed after botching a bunny hop. I bruised my ribs and it took a gouge out of my confidence. Now I tend to keep both wheels stuck to the trail. I guess we could also call this resolution something like 'resolving not to be so painfully earth bound'.

My plan for learning to bunny hop these past few years has been to ride as normal and attract the skill. You know, like a timid deer, just sit back quietly and let it come to me. Shock of all shocks, this technique hasn't worked, even though I have it finely tuned. It's getting to the point where it's ridiculous that I can't hop the front wheel, and I feel it's holding me back. Everyone else in my category has got that shiznit down pat, right? Maybe this year I tackle the project and take Joey up on a hopping clinic. Hm, maybe this winter. I think doing this in the snow might be easier for me. Softer landing, less holding back.

So there's my cycling year. I'm looking forward to track somewhat, but I haven't got my eye on the prize like I do with mountain biking. I hope targeting WORS doesn't ruin the groove I've got with mountain biking. Right now I dig it because it feels like just me, besting my own time and skills (like in a 12 hour), and conquering big hills. Track I dislike because I tend to measure myself against other riders. Who's stronger, faster and smarter with race tactics? I get all wound up and insecure. Ah, but this is an old topic and I only end up going in circles, and it's getting late. We'll see how it all pans out in 2010!

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