Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend, cont.

Saturday night, Cale and I went down to Chicago for a gift exchange. Cale had worked hard at making a fake fashion axe (see below, it's a real thing) for his secret santa giftee and we were excited to unveil it. It's an inside joke with this group of friends. Cale sanded down an axe handle (because it came varnished) and I spent the night putting coats of paint on it.

And here's everyone looking jealously at Aaron's axe while I ruin the composition. Yeah, I'm kicking it while it's down.

Photo by Chris. Sorry about your composition.

I got a 'Healthy Tea Kettle' filled with candy from my Secret Santa, Michelle. Woo hoo! I've been wanting a bright red tea kettle for a long time. Thanks, Michelle!

Today we slept in and then ran a few errands. We went to the pet store because Cale wanted to replant the tank and replace the gravel with sand in the big fish tank. (Here he is doing just such.)

Planting the tank.

Cale had the hood off on its side, to light up the room, and Snips was taking advantage of the warmth the lights were throwing off.


While we were at the pet store, we bought Slugworth some fancy reptile dirt for his tank. Ten dollar dirt, and he's still hanging out on the bottom of the lid. When Cale found the dirt, I told him if Slugworth died we'd have to get a snake or something. He conceded so it went in the cart.

Slugworth's New Digs

I got distracted by the brightly colored betta fish and wound up coming home with a yellow betta and a little 2.5 gallon tank.

Snips and Patrice, my new fish.

And that's the pet news for the weekend.


bmxmtbfam said...

you want another tank for free, I have a 35 high, for the taking.


Milin said...

hey! love the bike themed blog!

You should come join our forum "tarckbike"
or at least check out my bike blog too (

I really enjoy a peek at Wisconsin's bike culture. An old coworker of mine from Wisconsin is the one who gave me this cycling obsession!

Snacks said...

Hey Kenny,

No more tanks needed. We've got four now! Thanks, though


Thanks for the invite to the forum, but since I work on the computer all day, the less tempting distractions the better. I've checked it and your blog out, though, and they're both cool. I'll probably pop in once in a while to see what's up.