Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump Day in CA

Well, today we went deep sea fishing in Mexican waters, around 300 ft down. It was fun but toward the end, with a nice red tint to my skin, I was more interested in hanging out inside and finishing off the rest of my book. Lyle won the largest fish contest, which I wisely (or luckily) passed on. I caught nothing larger than anything you could catch at Governor Dodge State Park. I also managed to get my line tangled five times in no less than three different ways. Now that's talent! But we got to wake up late, and now we've got fish (between the four of us) for the next few days. Cale's excited to prepare them in different ways.

Here's Lyle's winning fish:
Winner: Biggest Fish Contest

Compared to a typical catch of mine:
Tiniest Catch Evar

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