Sunday, February 1, 2009

RIP Sony Cyber-shot

Sad news leads the post- my little point-and-shoot camera is dead. In typical consumerist American fashion, I ran out and bought a new one. Or rather, my fingers flew in searching out a new one on the internet. I figured it probably wasn't worth it to fix an old camera that wasn't worth much in the first place. But I vow to take better care of this next camera (no sweaty back jersey pockets, less sudden meetings with the floor), in hopes that it won't share the same fate, perpetuating the disposable society in which we live. Why don't digital cameras ever LAST?

Well, unfortunately, this all means that I don't have any pictures of today's CX Worlds party, which was quite the gathering. At one point I think we had anywhere from 15 to 20 people hanging out in the garage area. Around 8:30am of our neighbors peeked in as she walked by in her pajamas, on her way to do some laundry. It must have been quite the sight- a bunch of people hanging out in a garage on a Sunday morning, drinking beer and eating waffles, with a sports caster with an accent shouting in the background. Maybe she thought it was a pre-pre-pre game Super Bowl party?

As for the actual Worlds races, I wasn't impressed with the men. Or rather, not titillated. It was almost boring, with first and second a near sure-thing after about two laps. The women's race, which we watched after the men's, was much more exciting. Katie Compton was in the lead group the whole time, seeming to struggle a bit, but hanging in there. It was a good finish, too. I was stirred to break out the cowbells to cheer her on to the finish.

All in all, a good day, with lots of good friends. Except for that jerk, Russell. Bethany very kindly brought me some BikeBins, which are water proof panniers I've had my eye on for a while. So what does Russell do but put my poor lil cat in one? I would feel terrible for the cat, but he's young and I'm sure he'll bounce back. Or repress it.

Last but not least, Cale and I celebrated our one year 'first race' anniversary this past weekend. We went to Bacchus, a swanky place downtown. We put on the ritz, hopped in the Hyunda Accent and enjoyed a meal complete with not only dessert, but anniversary dessert as well.

It was lovely, and it's hard to believe it's been a year. Must be one of those memory repressing instances.

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The Shed Master said...

The cat was asking for it.