Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello San Diego


Well, we're in cloudy California. The travel went perfectly, I'd have to admit. Saturday morning we finished packing and saw Snips off to the catsitter- one of my friends (who has an allergic roommate) offered to have his girlfriend take him. Around 1:00 or so, Andy gave us a ride to the airport and we breezed through the security. First Atlanta, then a short wait and on to Los Angeles. Our suitcase was second off the belt, we caught a cab and we arrived without trouble at Mark's house to pick up the Subaru WRX we have the privilege of borrowing for our vacation.

It was about 10 or 11 by the time we got on the road, but that was actually kind of nice. No traffic to deal with at all! We got to Nick's (Cale's brother) house, where we're staying for the week with Lyle and Kelly, and dropped into bed at 3:00 our time (but only 1:00am CA time! So now we're up to Sunday. We took a little ride around town, which was a really nice way to get to see it and preview what we'll be riding the rest of the week. We saw some seals, some people hang gliding above the nude beach (perverts!) and various other California-like things.

Kelly, Lyle, Cale, Nick


Monday was another cloudy and wet day, so we went to the aquarium, where there were hordes of terrible children who were ALL OVER EVERYTHING and TOUCHING the GLASS. (Arg!) After that we made our way home, taking our time. We went past the seals again, taking a hike around the beach area. We decided to make a run to Target and stopped at Ocean Beach to watch the surfers and take a walk down the boardwalk.

The filthy children at the aquarium (with some cool info graphics).
3-D Line Graph


Walking on the beach by the seals.
Cale on the Coast


Another longer ride, about 3 hours long. Lyle, Cale and I went to Ocean Side and back at a decent clip (It was for me, anyhow!) I was pretty tuckered out after that.

Lyle, Cale

Self Portrait

We've ridden up this twice so far.

It occurs to me that this post is reading much like my middle school diaries. "Today I got a 'B' on my science test, I ate lunch with Asia and Gabi, Roy smiled at me and then I went to track practice." Of course, it took about ten pages to write out aaaalll the details of these fascinating days. Well, I guess I haven't come too far! I've been having a great time, though; the weather's been alright and is getting better by the day, and we've got all sorts of cool things yet to come. There's lots of laughing and giggling and a decent amount of down time to just fool around during.

Next up, I finally make my way up to today's activities.


George said...

I can't believe how close you guys were to my shop. There is a picture of you guys at the base of Torrey Pines State park where I do hill repeats a picture of the Power Plant in Carlsbad that I pass on my commute and the picture of you guys at the base of Sunrise Hwy up to the summit of Mount Laguna ... all of my long epic climbing rides.

You two should come back I will host you for sure!!

Snacks said...

Just saw this- thanks George! We'll for sure look you up when we get back out there. I can't say that it'll be a yearly thing, but I sure could get used to visiting nice warm San Diego when it's still terrible out in Wisconsin.

The amount of fitness I gained on that trip was amazing. It could have been all in my head, but I swear those climbs whipped me into shape.