Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pumping I-ahn

For the next several weeks, I will be gettin' big, pumping iron, or, lifting weights. Jon's got me doing 10 days of lifting throughout the next three weeks. The lifting workouts consist of three sets of nine different exercises that target, as far as I can tell, most major muscle groups. This past Tuesday was my first night of it at the Y, and I've gotta say I enjoyed it. It only takes a little while to get pleasantly tired, and you get to watch yourself in the mirror while you're lookin' all strong and capable. Or, toward the end of the sets, all red-faced and desperate.

I was pretty darned tired after getting done. When I got home, I found that even lifting plates into the cupboard would cause my arms to tremble. My strength was all used up. I thought I'd be sore as all get-out the next day, but it wasn't bad at all! I think I owe it to Shaklee Physique, which my aunt swears by. But then again, she deals Shaklee ;)

Tomorrow I'm headed back to lift at the downtown YMCA, the one with all the young, successful professionals working on their fitness. If they think working out in your boyfriend's boxers is sooo high school, they've got a blast from the past coming. I still struggle on workout outfits. I don't have any cute little capris or any sporty tank tops with the Nike or Adidas logos on them... In fact, I'm about one bad idea away from wearing Cale's short sleeved cross skin suit to the gym. The visual is a frightening one, but the idea of having shorts and a top that won't/can't ride up is a frightfully appealing one!

Can you imagine me in this, running around the track or lifting weights?

I sure can. I think it would be a good, modest alternative to a swimming suit, too.


Tim said...

Your bike can't weigh much more than Kale so what's the problem?

Interesting image of Kale too, I was asking earlier today about drive-side carriers of 'cross bikes.

Elizabeth said...

If it's any consolation, I own one pair of shorts that's not related to cycling. I basically work out at the Y in tri state velo shorts and a t shirt, with the bibs sticking out. I just can't be bothered to care about how I look at the gym, since I'm there to do work, not er...get toned or something

Improvedliving said...

Your bike can't weigh much more than Kale so what's the problem?

lifting iron